"Gain insight and practical solutions to prevent fraud and make the business case for fraud audit to senior management!!!”

Conference on October 10th - 11th, 2019

Fraud can occur in a multitude of ways. Our comprehensive fraud detection and prevention training programs will enhance your fraud awareness so you know exactly what to look for in every area of your organization. Around the world have caused many to rethink the value of the audit, with many demanding that auditors take more responsibility for fraud detection. Forensic accounting requires the integration of investigative, accounting and auditing skills to assist in disputes involving financial issues and data. The course helps you understand how financial fraud occurs and what to do when you find or suspect it within your organization. With comprehensive coverage, it provides insightful advice on where an organization is most susceptible to fraud. You will be taken through case studies and practical exercise to hone your skills in identifying fraudulent situations. You will learn to detect weaknesses and take the necessary steps to improve prevention through new types of forensic accounting methodology used to support and verify existing systems.

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Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how a fraudster thinks

  • Apply successful techniques to help prevent fraud

  • Promote an effective fraud prevention process

  • Adopt data mining as a fraud prevention and detection tool

  • Apply an effective fraud investigation process

  • Apply audit skills to fraud investigation

  • Spot when someone is not telling you the truth

  • Managing the Investigation

  • The Need for thorough Planning

  • Determining the Objectives of the Investigation

  • Who should be involved? – What skills do you need?

  • How to keep the investigation low-profile?

  • Conducting Fraud Investigations Guidance

  • Research – What information can lawfully be obtained?

  • What information is available and can be used?

  • Forensic Evidence and How to obtain it

  • Collating Information and Maintaining the Chain of Evidence

  • Knowing When to Suspend or Dismiss Employees

  • Fraud Investigation Report Template will be Provided

  • Reviewing current trends and new techniques in combating fraud and financial crimes to anticipate future needs

  • Setting effective fraud detection and prevention procedures

  • Improving customer data protection through effective identity theft prevention

  • Eradicating common areas of potential internal frauds

  • Developing a robust fraud awareness program within the organization

  • Identifying and assessing organizations vulnerability to fraud and financial crimes

  • Establishing a sustainable corporate environment conductive to combating fraud at all levels

  • Exploring the latest technological solutions in combating fraud and financial crimes

  • Discovering the necessary preventive measures taken to combat fraudsters and money launders

  • Utilizing this event to learn, network and benchmark with key players in the industry

Why You Should Attend?

  • Newly Appointed Fraud Specialists

  • Managers needing a broader understanding of how to investigate all types of fraud

  • Auditors who need to learn about the most modern approaches to fraud prevention and investigation

  • Members of fraud teams who need to learn more about targeting internal fraud

  • Managers needing a broader understanding of how to prevent and detect fraud More information, please contact +662 117 3383, +662 050 8151 or email, please Click

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