Executive Assistants, Secretaries & Office Managers Masterclass : Transforming from Executive Su

This is crucial opportunity for you to allow your assistants in re-evaluating themselves and learning new tools in helping them achieve their personal best, and add value to the organization in every facet of their role through practical exercises and case studies to inspire & empower executive support professionals to maximize their effectiveness!!!

Intensive Training on January 23rd - 24th, 2020

The ROI from a skilled assistant - for the organization to brake even, the assistant must make the executive more productive than he or she would be working alone and executive-assistant relationships are considered as business partnerships when the way executive management style to their assistant also reflect their effectiveness. Can’t the executive trust and delegate, or does he micromanage? Do assistants like working for her, or does she have a history of many assistants leaving quickly or being fired? Not every boss-assistant relationship is made in heaven, but an executive’s ability to manage conflicts with an assistant can be an important indicator of his overall ability to manage people. This is crucial opportunity for you to allow your assistants in re-evaluating themselves and learning new tools in helping them achieve their personal best, and add value to the organization in every facet of their role.

Today’s Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Office Managers are the face of the management through various media of communications. As the person representing the senior level executives, they are required to maintain utmost poise and confidence to create a professional image. Their position has been redesigned to act not only as executive support professionals but also function as HR, marketing, accounts and even as an event organizers.

These unique individuals are required to adapt and improvise in challenging and changing situations. Under relentless day-to-day pressure, these individuals’ main challenges are to develop these skills.

Modern day executive secretaries and personal assistants must be prepared to accept increasingly complex responsibilities and cannot rely solely on traditional secretarial skills. Executive assistants must be aware of the principles of management, leadership, human behavior as well as communication skills, character strengths with their contacts at all levels support to provide executive assistants with the skills needed to perform more effectively. Step up to a strategic level role, build your presence and influence within the Executive team, and cement your position as a valuable professional resource not just for your manager but for the wider organization. The knowledge gained from the programme will enhance your skills, knowledge and abilities to continue to widen the scope of your role!!!

Effective Secretaries and Personal Assistants Workshop


At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Learn powerful techniques to think with powerful techniques.

  • Create win-win solutions

  • Become a strategic partner to your boss.

  • Understand different team player style for more effective collaboration.

  • Control your time and workload with advanced time management skills.

  • Understand your natural preferences, strengths and potential for growth and formulate a development action plan and pathway for success.

  • Know how to effectively influence to better achieve goals and be able to present with confidence and credibility.

  • Create the right mind set to drive success, accessing the amazing power of your brain Push your current job, no matter what it is, in the direction of a dream role.


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  • Equip you with practical cases and exercises to assess your natural talents and how to assert leadership & empower your image, your working style

  • Expose real-life experience on effective self-management, priority/productivity strategies and successful delegation and decision making

  • Explore effective communication techniques to influence, motivate and handle challenging situations

  • Handle bosses and workload while creating cooperative relationship to get the job done, satisfy the client and survive performance review

  • Reach goals and setting of high standards in the smooth operation of the company and management team through office management

  • Juggle multiple priorities & demand including manage unforeseen changes, difficult people, conflicts and problems

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior secretaries

  • Executive secretaries

  • Personal assistants

  • Top-level management

  • Secretaries aiming for promotion to executive positions



Executive Coach - Bangkok

Chinrinee was a former Senior Office Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”) for 16 years. Chinrinee provides coaching, consulting, lecturing and organizing a workshop to executives in multi-national corporation and the general public. She has extensive experience as a consultant in executive coaching, organization development, positive organization change and transformation, personal and professional development and inner-self development.

Area of emphasis include resilience and well-being to enhance a quality of life, leadership development, facilitating cross-functional collaboration, alignment, team work, conflict management, knowledge management, innovation and transformation. Due to her believe in a life-long learning and her inspiration to initiate a social renewal, she still keep on studying and graduated in Management, Education, Medical, Therapeutic and Health Fields from many Universities and Institutions in Thailand and abroad.


Excecutive and Professional Coaching, The University of Texas at Dallas

Critical and Creative Thinking Program in Dialogue Processes (Generative Dialogue), University of Massachusetts at Boston

The Foundations of Positive Psychology, The University of Pennsylvania

MA, Leading Innovation and Change, York St. John University, UK.

Representative Client Engagements:

Coach a General Manager in HR Solution to enhance her leadership skill, communication and strategic planning for company growth. She finally recruited her new team and extend a scope of work to provide a better solution for her clients.

Coach a young Entrepreneur (3rd generation) in Electronic Industry to become a next successor (CEO) of his family business. He is now able to see the big picture of business and value the difference of his 35 years old organization.

Coach a Managing Director to develop his leadership, training skill and team performance. He is now very successful in his business and become a coach.

Area of Expertise:

  • Well-being

  • Resilient Leadership

  • 7 Steps to Transform Organization

  • Positive Psychology

  • Organization Development

  • Living Organization

  • Learning Organization

  • Leading Innovation and Change

  • Happy & Healthy Organization

  • Conflict Management

  • Change Management

  • Appreciate Inquiry

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