"Learn how to integrate the internal controls approach into fraud risk management, how to respond to and report suspected fraud or misconduct in the workplace!!"

Intensive Workshop on September 11, 2020

No one likes to think their employees will steal from them. But the fact remains that the most likely culprit is one of your long-term, trusted employees. Most accounting professionals will experience fraud in their organizations at some point in their careers. Some will be unfortunate enough to have it happen more than once. While it is never possible to completely eliminate fraud, there are best practice strategies that your organization can put in place to detect it early before it gets out of hand.

An organization cannot prevent fraud and corruption through policy alone. Ethical management, adequate control, and appropriate risk management activities must also be in place. Above all, it is crucial to your organization’s fraud management strategy that employees are able to recognize fraud and unethical behaviour and are willing to report their concerns. Through fraud awareness and prevention training your employees learn to appreciate the importance of risk identification and to recognize the ‘red flags’ of fraud. They learn how to respond to and report suspected fraud or misconduct in the workplace.

Every organization faces the risk of financial loss due to fraud, but maintaining an effective audit function can help mitigate that risk. Auditors, both external and internal, must have a thorough knowledge of fraud detection and prevention to effectively fulfill their mission. Additionally, one of the best measures that any organization can take to mitigate the loss associated with fraud is to equip employees with the skills and techniques needed to detect and prevent it. Maintaining an in-depth knowledge of fraud and how it can be detected and prevented is essential to maintaining the financial integrity of any organization, large or small.

In this workshop we teach you how fraud schemes work, what to look for and what you can do eradicate fraud.

If you would like to discuss your organization’s Fraud Awareness and Prevention Training needs or any aspect of your Anti-Fraud Strategy. Don't miss the boat!!!

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  • Demonstrate management’s commitment to ethical business behaviour.

  • Raise employee awareness of the risks of fraud and unethical behaviour.

  • Train employees on how to respond to and report suspected fraud.

  • Deter employees from unethical behaviour.

  • Educate employees on the company anti-fraud policy and consequences that ensue from any violations of the policy.

  • Obtain feedback from employees on perceived risks or control loopholes.

  • Learn how to integrate the internal controls approach into fraud risk management.

  • Recognize what constitute an anti-Fraud culture & general anti-fraud controls.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Finance Professional

  • Internal audit professional

  • Risk managers,

  • Compliance and Legal officers

  • Management & Executive Staff who have the interests of their company at heart and anyone who is curious about Fraud Risk Management


Pol. Lt. Col. Patana Sugarasut Special Case Expert, Department of Special Investigations (DSI)


  • Military Academy, Class 24, Royal Police Cadet Academy, Class 40

  • Bachelor of Law Ramkhamhaeng University

  • Master of Political Science Chulalongkorn University

  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), The United States Secret Service (USSS) , U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)


  • Cybercrime investigation

  • Electronic evidence collection

  • Digital forensic


  • Special Case Expert of DSI

  • Lecturer for over 10 years

  • Instructor for master's degree programs Mahidol University Salaya Nakhon Pathom Faculty of Engineering Computer department

  • A special teacher Police Cadet Academy Master of Science Program Department of Forensic Science

  • Being a guest speaker and special lecture or for Government agencies and the private sector, such as the National Police Agency, Office of the National Commission on Prevention and Suppression of Corruption National Corruption, Bank of Thailand, Thammasat University, Rangsit

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