BUSINESS CONTINUITY Management & Risk Management Masterclass 2020

"Business Continuity planning will make your organization more robust. It can strengthen your organization not only against large-scale problems it can also help make smaller problems that might have caused continuity interruptions to become moot, through detailed planning" Intensive Workshop on September 10th - 11th, 2020 Today’s risks are complex interconnected supply chains, customer and shareholder expectations, evolving technology and regulatory compliance all need to be managed to achieve the best outcomes. This makes risk management planning, implementation and communication increasingly necessary skills for all organizations. Organizational longevity still holds a top slot on business agendas nationwide. The terrain is rough and to negotiate it, your business needs to be fit. Economic and political uncertainty, fluctuating commodity prices, skill shortages, cyber-crime and security concerns impact the external risk environment and continue to be volatile. Internally, organizations are grappling with issues of culture, behavior, ethics, incentives and performance. Risk leaders need to stay in shape to tackle the risks in order to help their organizations exploit the opportunities that uncertain times bring. Key themes throughout the day included embedding a risk culture and growing risk capacity within an organization, regulatory issues, cyber risk and gaining top level buy in and support. However, BCM is talking about business survival during difficult times and it should be going back to the basics - what are the needs of your organization in such difficult times and how such are needs be addressed through your BCM program!!

Process Safety Management Best Practices


  • Developments in Risk Management today.

  • Growing significance and potential of Risk Analytics as well as the importance of risk modeling.

  • You will learn how to maximize the potential of Enterprise Risk Management and to align this with your organizations overall strategy.

  • Driving growth through innovative and holistic approaches to Risk Management.

  • Recognizing the importance of tailoring your Risk Program to your specific organization.

  • Incorporating this into the wider business.

  • Insights of Successful BCP Strategies through Operational Excellence & Effective IT Continuity.

  • Building Supply Chain Risk Management & Operations in Business Continuity Planning f& Management.

  • Developing BCM Framework

  • Empowering Business Continuity Planning & Management through Reputation & Crisis Communication Strategies.

  • You will Learn risk assessment principles to prepare for, prevent or respond to incidents that would cause disruptions to key organizational systems.

  • Learn how to prepare an Incident Management Plan.

  • Learn how to prepare a disaster recovery plan.

  • Refer to the latest international standards related to disaster recovery, ISO 22301: 2012

  • A workshop on disaster response planning and a recovery plan based on ISO 22301: 2012

  • Teach by expert speakers and experience the key to disaster recovery arrangements for leading organizations.

  • Practice through classroom workshops and share experiences with trainers.


  • The impact assessment of critical organizational systems is interrupted.

  • Determining the target recovery time

  • Identifying the resources needed for disaster recovery.

  • Risk assessment to prevent various causes causing disruption.

  • A step-by-step plan for coping with or dealing with disruptions.

  • A step-by-step recovery plan

  • Preparing a recovery plan

  • Understand the definitions of the BCM parameters in terms of daily business operating requirements.

  • Understand the common missing links between emergency management, crisis management, BCM and IT DR and how to bridge the gaps.

  • Understand how to integrate BCM program into Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program in order to ensure BCM risks are properly addressed.

  • Thorough analysis on the lifecycle of the BCM program and identify the most important elements in each of the stage of the lifecycle for participants to focus on.

  • Demonstrate how to integrate the fundamental concepts and tools of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) for designing a pragmatic BCM program.

  • Learn how to seamlessly integrating emergency management, crisis management and IT Disaster Recovery (DR) into the effective and realistic BCM program.

  • Understand real-life examples on how to use various tools introduced in the course for implementing a BCM program that is aligned to the business needs and robust.

  • How to conduct a Risk Assessment and Impact Analysis of your organization.

  • How to establish the Organizational Framework required to enable your Continuity Plans.

  • How to keep your plan current.

  • The tools and knowledge required to plan and coordinate effective tests and exercises.

  • How to maintain support and commitment for the Continuity Program.

  • How to train your staff.


If your job role includes the following responsibilities then this is a MUST attend event: CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Senior Managers, Managers, Assistant Managers, Heads and Chiefs from the following function:

  • Business Continuity

  • Crisis Management

  • Contingency Planning

  • Risk Management

  • Operations

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Disaster Recovery

  • IT Continuity Management

  • Corporate Security

  • Business Strategy

  • Safety, Health & Environment

  • Corporate Affairs

  • Public Relations

  • Corporate Communications

  • Professionals who want to expand their knowledge in BCM

  • Operations managers responsible for contingency or resilience planning

  • Business Continuity Managers or Specialists

  • IT DR Managers or Specialists

  • Operations management professionals


Mr. Sarawut Chenchom / Project Safety, Security Health & Environment Manager (SSHEM) for Gas Separation Plant, Petrochemical Plant Power Plant, Other Construction Project

Mr. Sarawut Chenchom is more than 25 years of hands on and study experiences with construction and project controls, process and plant construction leadership. Well organization and detail oriented as a Supervisor Project Security, Safety Health & Environment Manager (Project SSHE Manager). Safety Operation and control Hazardous Waste and spill controls, all aspects, HAZOP, Qualitative Risk Assessment team Fire and environment Operations. Quality Control, Quality Analysis for new Construction Plant, Expansions, Debottleneck and other project in the Map Tha Phut Thailand.

About His Safety Construction Experiences:

Gas Separation Plant Project , Petrochemical Plant Project , Administration Complex Project, Power plant Hydride Technology Plant Project , King river park project , Expansion Plant Project , Debottleneck Project , Cluster Flare Project , New Boiler Project , Central Laboratory Project , Byproduct Value Added Project , Convert Heavy Gas To Olefins Plant Project Olefins, Polymer Facility & Construction Plant Project. The Cogeneration Power Plant.

Relevant Experiences: Excellence written and Oral Communication, Strong, Management and Supervision Skills, Training and Employee Safety Programs, Procedure, Technical Writing and Drawing, Fire Fighting Chemical Release Control Skills, Bilingual, Read and write/ Thai., Computer Literate with Windows 2010 with Microsoft Application.

More information, please contact +662 117 3383, +662 050 8151 or email, please Click!


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