Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation for Employees Workshop 2020 | 3 April 2020

Intensive Workshop on April 3rd,  2020

No one likes to think their employees will steal from them. But the fact remains that the most likely culprit is one of your long-term, trusted employees. Most accounting professionals will experience fraud in their organizations at some point in their careers. Some will be unfortunate enough to have it happen more than once. While it is never.......

Effective Negotiation Skill for Smart Purchasing | 20 March 2020

Intensive Workshop on March 20th,  2020

Purchasing and negotiation are something done by nearly everybody, almost every day in some from. with well sharpened purchasing & negotiating skills you will help maximize your chances of successful discussions, deals, or sales. there are different styles of negotiation, depending on the situational circumstances. in today’s super-competitive economy, both your company and your suppliers will be angling for the best deals they.......

Key Performance Indicators & Balanced Scorecard | 19-20 March 2019

Intensive Workshop on March 19th - 20th,  2020

Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) are increasingly standard in large, medium and some small organizations. As with most management concepts understanding of the purpose, application, implementation and optimization of KPIs varies from breathtakingly good to various degrees of destructive........

Land and Structures Tax ACT B.E.2562 | 21 February 2020

Intensive Workshop on February 21st,  2020

Thailand’s new Land and Building Tax Act B.E. 2562 (2019) (the “Act”) came into effect on March 13, 2019. Payment of land and building tax under the new Act will be required from January 1, 2020, onwards.


The new Act revokes and replaces various pieces of formerly applicable legislation, including the House and Land Tax B.E. 2475 (1932) and ...


Compressed Gas Cylinder Safe Handling Season3 | 21 February 2020

Intensive Workshop on February 21st,  2020

Compressed gas hazards are varied, from the physical properties of the gases themselves, to the potential dangers associated with handling cylinders, to the special precautions necessary to safely move or store gas cylinders. Knowing the hazards associated with the gases your employees handle and the necessary precautions is imperative to maintain....

The Next Generation Leaders Workshop 2020 | 20-21 February 2020

Intensive Workshop on February 20th - 21st,  2020

In this era where technology plays a greater role in human daily life, the lifestyle and behaviors of each person are different. Many companies have adapted quickly, using technology as an important tool and strategy for their staff development. However, robots or technology are just tools. The heart of management is necessary for employees....

Personality and Communication for Service Look Workshop 2020 | 7 February 2020

Intensive Workshop on February 7th,  2020

Personality refers to an individual’s characteristics, style, behavior, mindset, attitude, his own unique way of perceiving things and seeing the world. Genetic factors, family backgrounds, varied cultures, environment, current situations play an imperative role in shaping one’s personality. The way you behave with others reflects your personality....

Effective Strategic Planning to Organization Workshop | 6-7 February 2020

Intensive Workshop on February 6th - 7th,  2020

Planning and control is a very important aspect of every successful business operation and is actually a continuation of the strategic planning process of the business. For instance, every business must have its business mission statement, and formulate its corporate objectives and long-term strategy to continuously stay in business...

Job Evaluation and Salary Structure Design Workshop 2020 | 20-21 May 2020

Intensive Training on May 20th - 21st, 2020

Job evaluation and Salary structures are an important component of effective compensation programs and help ensure that pay levels for groups of jobs are competitive externally and equitable internally. A well-designed salary structure allows management to reward performance and skills development while controlling overall base salary cost by providing ........

Best Practice for Data Protection and Cyber Law in THAILAND 2020 | 21 February 2020

Intensive Training on February 21st, 2020

The operations of several public and private sectors are driven by computer systems and such organizations in Thailand are digitizing such systems. The information and communications over such computer systems, especially those of critical infrastructure entities (e.g. material public service, national security, transportation, information technology, telecommunications, public health, financial institutions, etc.) affect ........

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